Week 5- Couch to 5K

Hello. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Carol. For those who do, I’m America’s Next Top Model.

Week 5 Plan (as promised)
Warm up: 5 minute walk
Run 3 mins/ Walk 1.5 min/ Run 5 mins/ Walk 2.5 mins x2
Cool down: 5 minute walk/ Stretch

Day 21:

I had a great day! Thank you for asking. The first day of a new run is always hardest, but I was feeling confident that I could do it.

While I was stretching, I had a weird thought: “Hmmm… maybe I can do a split now…” I have no clue where the idea came from, but it was in my head so I decided to find out. I’ve never been able to do a split. Ever. My splits never get anywhere near the ground, so figuratively, a train could pass right through my legs and still have enough room for a Western-inspired train top fight. As strange as it may seem, it has been a lifelong dream to do a split.

So I tried it out, and I’m so close to hitting the floor now! I was so excited I yelled for my mom to take a photo. (It doesn’t look that impressive in the photo, but I’m still really happy).


During the run, I tried pacing myself by shortening my strides. My idea of running was purely speed related. I had to be the fastest, rather than last the longest. Distance running wasn’t an option. This time, I thought I’d try pacing myself to see how long I’d survive. It definitely worked!

Day 22:
Stupid knee… I managed to run for 10 minutes before stopping. My knee was really hurting the past couple of days. Running was more like speed limping. The awkward skipping made my other leg hurt because I was putting all my weight on it. Knee braces are great, but Advil is better.

Day 23:
Today was particularly hot. So, logically, we decided to run midday: the hottest part of a Floridian day. I don’t know if it was the heat or not, but it was much harder to get through the run. When we finally made it home, I walked right into the pool.img_63281.jpg
You thought I was kidding. I quite literally walked through the door, took off my shoes and socks, and jumped in. It was amazing, as you can probably tell.

Day 24:
I’ve started to notice that my recovery time has been getting shorter the more I run. At the beginning, it used to take at least half an hour for my heart rate to go back to normal. Now, I am able to finish off my run and stretch without trouble. It takes maybe 10 minutes to recover from the exercise. YAY! I feel myself getting stronger. I’M WONDER WOMAN!!! In other news, we completed the whole run. I was in another bad mood this afternoon, so I was determined to finish strong. I fought through the bad thoughts and persevered through the normal aches and pains. I emerged victorious!

Day 25:
Unlike Day 23, today’s weather was really cold. A cold front came through, so the air is drier and the breeze has picked up. I love it. I’m that kind of person that prefers to be too cold rather than too hot.

Halfway through the run, my phone died. You know: the phone with my timer on it. Yea. That one. I freaked out for a second. Fortunately, Mom and I had done the routine for a couple days now. We remembered at what points on our route we usually start walking and used that as a marker, rather than Gloria the timer. So we ran based on distance rather than time.

I almost prefer running for distance rather than time. At least I can SEE how much farther I have to go and adjust my speed to get there quicker. With time, IMG_6337you run until you are told to stop. No amount of pacing can control the amount of time you have left.

When I got home, I didn’t walk into the pool (probably for the best), but I did sit by the fire. It was also amazing.

Overall, It was a good week. I’m constantly amazed by how my mom and I are able to keep up the habit of running every other day. I’m really proud of her.

Here’s a high five for you, reader. Mom and I always end our runs with a high five, so I think you deserve one too. Thanks for reading!

Until Week 6,








Carol B


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