Week 1 Redo- Couch to 5K

Hello. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Carol. For those who do, I’m a survivor.

After taking 2 weeks off to heal my knee, I’m back to running again. I’ll admit, I’m out of practice. Really out of practice. Mom and I decided to start all over again and work up our endurance from the beginning. With that in mind, our plan for the Week 1 redo was as follows:

Warm up: 5 minute walk
Run 1 minute/ Walk 1.5 minutes 8 times
Cool down: 5 minute walk

That’s what was supposed to happen, at least.

Day 1 Redo-

I woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and started stretching, all within an hour and a half. I had a rough night so I woke up later than usual. I wanted to make up for lost time. That was first mistake. My second mistake was thinking I was able to do 8 minutes of running after resting for 2 weeks. Mistakes 3-5 were eating 45 minutes before running, not drinking enough water, and not giving my body time to digest (don’t worry, I didn’t get sick). So today was a rough day.

Mom and I started out the running and I was fine for the first couple runs. By the 5th repetition, I couldn’t go any further. The combination of food, plus no water, plus not running for 2 weeks took it’s toll. We stopped after the fifth run then walked home, where collapsed into the nearest chair I could find and drank as much as my stomach would allow.

It was later explained to me that if you eat before exercising, your body directs its blood flow to the muscles used for exercising, rather than your stomach, which creates the nauseous feeling. Same idea with “wait an hour after eating before swimming”.

So what have I learned today?

  • Drink lots of water
  • If running in the morning, eat something to kickstart your metabolism
  • Give yourself plenty of time to digest your food after eating.

Day 2 redo-

WE DID IT!!! We completed the 8 repetitions!! I’m so proud of us. That is all.

Day 3 redo-

We finished the Week 1 redo! LEVEL UP! It was hard having to start over but I’m glad we did. If we hadn’t, I’d be a puddle of mush somewhere between my house and my mailbox by now.

I’m starting to feel sore in places I didn’t know I used. I’m learning more about my body now than I ever knew before. Besides the obvious leg pain, my arms feel heavier from swinging them around so much. Maybe it’s from carrying these guns to the gun show every day.  I’m starting to understand my limits, my abilities, and most importantly, where my liver is (it still hurts when I run… I should probably get that checked out…[I know it’s not my liver, but it sure feels like it]).

I’ve realized that not only is track a physical sport, it’s also a mental one. Sure, you can train your body to run a 5K in 8 weeks, but you have to believe in yourself before you ever take your first step. I’ve spent most of my life believing I was never going to be an athlete, that I wasn’t built for it and it didn’t interest me. I was fine with that. Now that I want to be more active, I find my thoughts can get in the way of that goal. For example, today as I was getting to the 6th minute of running, my thoughts immediately went to “You should stop. You can’t do this. 8 minutes is ridiculous. You’re going to hurt yourself. Carol… Stop… Stop now… why are you still running?” My legs didn’t feel tired and I could live with the hyperventilating, but my mind was so anti-sport that it took some real willpower to keep going. Even throughout the day while I’m at work, I find myself thinking, “I could skip a day. What’s the harm? I’ll just run tomorrow instead… Or I could stop this whole thing. I won’t have to run anymore.” The more I make running a habit, the more I think my mind will adjust to the reality of my abilities. I have a strong willpower and I can accomplish anything I put my mind to (I should put that in my resume). My muscles may not have worked this hard in… ever… I’ve never worked this hard, but I’m surviving. I’m still here ready to keep moving and work hard until I run an entire 5K.

It’s easier to keep these goals when I have my mom to run with me and this blog to keep everyone informed. Now that I have friends and family who are rooting for me to succeed (at least I would HOPE you want me to succeed…), I am continually inspired to keep moving forward and complete my New Year’s Resolution. Thank you, readers, for your support. I honestly couldn’t do this without you.

Until Week 2 (again),

Carol B


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